Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book sales trip

Event : Big Bad Wolf Books Sale
Date of event : 8 October 2011
Venue : MAEP Serdang
Total bought : 21 books, 1 tin of recipe cards.

his cook book, i dnt think i can make it..sorry not my taste, jamie :p

I met;)

the scene
hubby is doing books filtering process

  • people bring their own trolley/luggage bags to put their books
  • kids can play hide and seek here,and hard to find them..
  • people at any age,will lose control when they see the books
  • there were feeder buses to take you to the exhibition hall from car park
  • the books were super duper cheap!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dutch Lady Milk : Sweet Corn LE

Dutch Lady launched the winner of their new flavour campaign previously-sweet corn. Even though Faizal Tahir was the icon for this Sweet Corn, i voted for here the DL sweet corn milk.Limited Edition!

Cari kat hyper market tak jumpa,last2 jumpa kat Speed Mart99 next to office je.mcm2 ada~

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