Thursday, December 27, 2012

Budak Korea yang comel

Nak baby girl camni please..comel and bijak..mcm drama queen..haha..

I'm Sorry Mama

Nayeon: Mommy, I'm sorry.
Mom: Tell me what you did wrong?
Nayeon: Oh mommy the next meal I'll be obedient.
Mom: What then?
Nayeon: And I will eat docilely. I... will not run... will stand for you to feed me up.
Mom: What then?
Nayeon: And I will eat on time.
Mom: Okay, do you promise me?
Nayeon: Yes...
Mom: What if you don't keep your promise?
Nayeon: Oh...oh.. If I don't keep my promise, I'll be punished.
Mom: I won't punished you, but I won't feed you up at late session.
Nayeon: yes...
Mom: You mustn't do that when I talk to you, look at me. Okay, so if you don't eat on time and want to eat at late session I won't feed you up.
Nayeon: Yes... I... I...will be a good girl.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brunch @ Bread ties

This was a long long ago story..baru nak buat review :p 
Never heard of this cafe before, but i intend to try their food as i always saw they put many melting drooling pictures of their food in instagram. At the same time there was a deal in Milkadeal from breadties - RM13 for brunch buffet. So apa lagi, i grab 2 vouchers for hubby and me :)

Situated in Taman Melawati KL, it is quite far from my home in Kajang. It is a small shop at the end of the shop lot. The cafe's interior was very very nice. Simple yet looks classy. I love it :) I think its a good place for lepak2, or chilling around with your buddies, gossiping and catch up all the 'mak nenek' stories..hee..

For RM13 voucher, we had some spaghetti bolognese, variety choice of breads and pastries with butter and jam, salad, fried chicken ( i guess) , potato wedges, mushroom soup and hot drinks. Oh its back in February , i cant remember what else were on the shelves..huhu..

 We got a complementary pack of macaroon each :) 

This was the greatest thing i found here. Mushroom soup! Look at the creamy cream and lots of mushrooms inside the bowl. tambah 3 kali  (Yes, i am a mushroom soup lover)

This cafe would be a good pit stop for us whenever we are going back to hubby's homeland in Pasir Mas :)

Address :No. 11, Jalan Bandar 4, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
For more info please visit their website at

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