Friday, November 30, 2007

burnt paper

a lil' bit unreal..but i just tried to make this burnt paper looks nice :)
Hana is using Photoshop CS 2 ..rupenye inilah kegunaan 'burn tool' hahaha..(^_^)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hana starts to write again....

i just realized that..yesterday was 27th.what with that date?..used to be my 'always lucky day of the month' but no longer now (i guess..)

i've been so happy all these days to spend luxurios time bersenang-senang at home,watching movies, tv (glad to watch Arsenal performances this season) eating as much as i want (saya dah tak pakai braces!), sleep untill mama yell at me to wake up,surfing,download fav anime series (saye dah ade complete NANA series :)

but i never did things that i loveeee so much ~~drawing,painting,sketching,make those cute cards or make comic about my daily life,i dont even ..err..blogging,do some dancing.....huhu

the fact is those things will make me sad!i wish my drawing will be better,to make an oil painting by the sea..i wish i can design a card to have my own design some gigantic building..but then,to think that im a bachelor of Computer Science..hmm..i will just pull my quilt close to my head.keep on dreaming Hana!seek for the job that suit your qualification.pull stop!

it was last week on tuesday,when i had an interview with a japanese company..i feel like sumthing hit me on my head.tak expect pn ade test mcm final exam..i only depends on my math paper.itu je yg saya confident..the programming paper..emm so so..the network paper ..hell yeah,i hate network!sgt tak prepare..and the interview session was about 1 hour per interviewee.then,'hana ur programming score is very good!' seorg penanda kertas exam berkata.tak sgka pulak bole score kat paper programming.haha..hana u r not that bad anyway :)

ape nak cakap untuk sejam dpn 4 directors?then one of them suruh ckp was long long time ago since i left SSP,so the best i could say just to introduce my self in japanese lah!its only took 58 minutes for me,while the guy before me took 1 hr 5 mins to finish his session.suddenly the head of HR dept ask me

Mr X:kenapa cpt sgt?dah sejam ke?
me: about 58 mins
Mr X: this is no least the best will be about 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs (sambil geleng2 kepala)
me: its ok then, i did my best anyway (dlm hati,amende nk ckp smpai 2 jm?present project bole la!)
Mr X:ok,thats good.dont say i'll try my best,but u have to do ur best (tp smbil pndang hina kat aku)
me: thanx (dgn perasaan annoying)
Mr X: ok hana,i'll see u again if u r selected (senyum kambing kat aku)
me: sym gak (tp tak ikhlas)

saya keluar from that building n heading to my car.a lil bit down.'say good bye Hana,they might not call u again even for the second interview'.Im no good,useless.cume 58 minit.tak cukup sejam..n sgt menyampah with that old gentleman.tau la pangkat kamu tu besar kat situ..huh.malas nk fikir.assume je la tak dapat hana..:(

heading to home..feeling down..hey Hana,its not the end of the road,learn from your mistake..(smile)~~lalala smpai umah saye nk zZZ

5 hari di KL

let's see what should i say here..hmm..
lets start with my bro's convocation day @ UiTM on Saturday was last week.. congrates bro!dah besar adikku sorg neh :)went to kl with sgt attached to them..didnt have a minute to curik2 klua n gossiping with sorry shera,nurul n awin (i told them i'll try to meet them as i couldnt make it on my last visit to kl,that was last two weeks)..
jalan2 @ KLIA jalan2 @Putrajaya

just to entertain my two nieces,so bwk la ke tempat2 itu.hihi..

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