Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Count down until the Big Day + To-Do List

Friday , 5th Feb 2010
  • Meet up Awin & Bahie
  • Pick up barang - Bandar Tasik Selatan, Ampang
  • Packing baju

Saturday, 6th Feb 2010
  • Cari baju pengapit & flower girls with Pzah ->tp mission x tercapai
  • Spa
  • Packing barang-barang
  • Check-up my Bee
Sunday, 7th Feb 2010
  • Drop by umah Nurul
  • Off to Pontian - drive alone :( ->sampai pkul 3pm
  • Pick up barang @ Air Hitam (ada org gesel-lari skirt my bee time parking blakang kedai) :(

Monday, 8th Feb 2010
  • Kedai furniture (sudah siapkah katil yg daku order??)
  • Cari inai
Tuesday, 9th Feb 2010
  • buat la apa-apa yg perlu di rumah
Wednesday, 10th Feb 2010
  • Final costume fitting
  • Manicure / pedicure
Thursday, 11th Feb 2010
  • Pakai inai
Friday, 12th Feb 2010
  • Meeting with Photographer
  • Birthday Abah!
Saturday, 13th Feb 2010
  • tempoh bertenang until 8.30 pm
  • Pick up cake
  • Nikah
Sunday, 14th Feb 2010
  • Bersanding
Until the day comes, do pray for me and my family permudahkan segala urusan.
To those who will attend my wedding, thanks a lot.Yg jauh, drive carefully CNY ni.
Who couldn't make it, i'll understand what ever reasons you have
May the ceremony runs smoothly and diberkati :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Menghitung Hari

Another 10 lucky days my status will be changed :) As for now, the nervous level is at 25% only.
Invitation cards matter almost done.For those whom i sent through mail,hopefully dah terima la yep.
The half-done invitation cards

There are several things that i need to do before going back to Pontian,which is on February 7th.Dah tak boleh focus buat keje dah ni..huhu..
1-Order cake.
2-Pick up door gifts.
3-Buy cake stand (finally jumpa,but without the dome. kat Romantika out of stock)
4-Pick up dulang hantaran. (Nurul, i hope u'll make it great to meet my requirement ;)
5-Go to spa - body massage, hand & nail treatment, facial
6-Meet my dear darlings..hehe (i wonder what kind of stripper you will bring.haha..)

Thats all for now.

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