Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Danbo Pictures Collection

his bathtub
don't play with my lip gloss,'s Estee Lauder! :p
in the toilet~skodeng :p

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project origami : Flower Ball

I saw a step by step origami book at BBW book sales, and i grabbed it.Actually there were a lot of them.Rasa mcm nak beli the whole books.Rambang mata.After being 'sound' by hubby,i only took 1.And this is one of the penat lelah melipat kertas for 2 months.Yes 2 months, sbb i wasnt focusing on doing this thing. byk lagi kerja kene buat (sigh~)

You have to make 36 pieces of this shape
I couldnt find any 'truly' origami paper.I only used coloured note paper. The size is uneven square. So i have to cut it one by one to make it segi empat tepat.accuracy is important dlm kerja seni..;)

Then kene tied together the pieces..

..and finally make into ball shape.yippee ^__^

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