Friday, September 21, 2012

Cinnamon Roll vs Pavlova

Sweet tooth day!
These were prepared on Monday, September 17th for tea. 
The original plan was to make cinnamon roll only. But the day before 'terbeli' yellow kiwi and blackcurrant at Pasar Malam, that's when the idea to make pavlova chips in :p
3 longgok buah = RM10, tu yg hambat je. Hubby pun nak ke Sabah for the whole week, so bagi dia rasa air tangan saya yg manis ni puas-puas..hehe.

cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting ( a la Cinnabon) ;)

the making of cinnamon roll

before and after frosting

~Not bad for yellow kiwi, sweet version of kiwi.

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