Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I dunno what to say

sudah lama tak update.the last entry pasal my engagement.im not going to talk bout it anymore or display any picture of it.kinda boring n dah basi.Siti n Zughai asyik tanye je mana gmba2 yg lain.i do understand since u guys nk mengikut jejak langkah aku kan?come to my house and see the album yourself.some of them i already put in my fotopages.ade gmba hantaran bagai tu.sila lah tgk puas2!haha..if im not mistaken, many of sohabat9600 will end their single status by this year..hopefully xde date yg clash.

whats been in my mind lately?hmm..so many things.bout the palestine people,bout the current economy state,bout our wedding(still too far away,but need to take actions now),bout paln to go for other company,bout me myself that has gain some weight at certain part of my body..huhu.semua org pun sibuk nak berdiet (refer to anem's outburst) thats scary ok..

xde ape kot yg interesting nk tulis except for the weekend at PD with Yeppa,Zatil n Yili.Dah lama x bersuka ria dgn kawan2 kat tempat cmtu.tapi nk cite pn,gmbo xde..byk kat zatyl yg sgt busy nk bg gmba.seriously i need a digi cam,but im thinking of forcing my fiance as my hantaran..hehe.but thats mean lmbat lagi la nk dapat.hishhh..
so here i just put some of pictures yg terselit kat dlm pc nih..huhu

yana's (or Jana in spanish ;) ) wedding

i like this pic.mata zatyl sgt cantik ;)
yeppa yg manja
@ Legend water chalet,PD

saje edit2 gmbo buang masa..tapi lupe plak,buat in CMYK so terjadi la color cmni bila display on web :P ~err aku rasa la..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 26, 2008 :)

here we go..hehe..
as promised, my engagement's pictures..
act ni gmbar from my bro's phone.gambar from photographer masih di dalam process,so tak dapat den nk upload di sini..
sadly,some of my friends said saya nmpak chubby!!huhuhuhu..(kecewa dgn pak andam tuh,tapi masih kelihatan cumel kan??heeeeeee :p )

Kawan2ku yang datang, and yang wish for me..thanx a lotss.love you very berry much!!hee (^_^)

engagement ring on the left, on the right merisik ring

adeke memula tu pak andam tu nk pakaikan crown.apekah,bukan kawen pon!!grrr...

Hana and Khairi, at last....hehe :*)

Engagement Gifts from my nieces (ecah n dejah) ..sweet kan mereka nih!!

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