Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a lonely day @ puchong

hmm..ape nak buat ni..saya tak biasa bersendirian di puchong..(di rumah abg saya).
adus..yup i didnt tell shera im here..nanti dia marah n taknak kawan saya if saya tak dapat jmpa die..takut!itu budak badan saja kici,tapi garang juga..haha..

~~lala..baru je balik frm SHRDC di shah alam..lapar!tak breakfast.abg dan kakak ipar saya seawal pukul 5 pagi tadi dah bertolak ke KLIA.they go for holidays at Padang,will be back on saturday...i wish they bring me along..haha..but i have 2 more interviews to go.sigh..apekah saya ini..cuma asyik pegi interview je.
and people will keep saying..sabarla..tentu ade rezeki nanti,usaha lagi and dnt give up..BUT that doesnt help me to feel a bit sad and annoying of this life...huhu..

anyway,i have to look after abu,pussy n kitty here.manalah mereka ni dari pagi tadi tak dead if anything happen to them.abg saya sgt sygkan kucing2 itu seperti anaknye about cat..yup once i afraid of them..i dnt even let my skin touch them..but a cat named Putam change everything.and now i fall in love with cats..hihi..saya dah berani main2 n hug kucing :)

actually there's alot to blog here..(even tho xde org baca pun) but i just not in the mood right now.i feel like wanna see awin to claim her latest affair,tp dia keje n saya pun taktau camne nak bergerak from puchong ini.waiting for sum1 to get me out from here..(ade ke?)
till then..jya ne..

menjawab soalan shera:the epson still not respond i assume they decline...
mereka bertiga masa kecik2 dulu

abu a.k.a bubu

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

what to do..

emm..what's the big event on this coming sunday?
yup,people know MCR is coming to town..
takde duit nak tgk Gerrard perform (saya sgt suke tgk die menyanyi..expression muke die Cute sgt2!) wink* wink* :)
i wonder how he's gonna sing with all his heart for several songs..cukup ke stamina tuh?!!

what to going to miss the concert like i missed the gwen's.
pity Hana-chan :(

p/s: sorry to fahmi yg beriye carikan saya keje supaya saya dapat bg die tiket free tgk MCR.
~~sori ek,aku tak keje lagi..huhu..

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Woman..Is iT?check these out..

somehow i agree with this one (above), but not the other three...poyo je!

Friday, November 30, 2007

burnt paper

a lil' bit unreal..but i just tried to make this burnt paper looks nice :)
Hana is using Photoshop CS 2 ..rupenye inilah kegunaan 'burn tool' hahaha..(^_^)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hana starts to write again....

i just realized that..yesterday was 27th.what with that date?..used to be my 'always lucky day of the month' but no longer now (i guess..)

i've been so happy all these days to spend luxurios time bersenang-senang at home,watching movies, tv (glad to watch Arsenal performances this season) eating as much as i want (saya dah tak pakai braces!), sleep untill mama yell at me to wake up,surfing,download fav anime series (saye dah ade complete NANA series :)

but i never did things that i loveeee so much ~~drawing,painting,sketching,make those cute cards or make comic about my daily life,i dont even ..err..blogging,do some dancing.....huhu

the fact is those things will make me sad!i wish my drawing will be better,to make an oil painting by the sea..i wish i can design a card to have my own design some gigantic building..but then,to think that im a bachelor of Computer Science..hmm..i will just pull my quilt close to my head.keep on dreaming Hana!seek for the job that suit your qualification.pull stop!

it was last week on tuesday,when i had an interview with a japanese company..i feel like sumthing hit me on my head.tak expect pn ade test mcm final exam..i only depends on my math paper.itu je yg saya confident..the programming paper..emm so so..the network paper ..hell yeah,i hate network!sgt tak prepare..and the interview session was about 1 hour per interviewee.then,'hana ur programming score is very good!' seorg penanda kertas exam berkata.tak sgka pulak bole score kat paper programming.haha..hana u r not that bad anyway :)

ape nak cakap untuk sejam dpn 4 directors?then one of them suruh ckp was long long time ago since i left SSP,so the best i could say just to introduce my self in japanese lah!its only took 58 minutes for me,while the guy before me took 1 hr 5 mins to finish his session.suddenly the head of HR dept ask me

Mr X:kenapa cpt sgt?dah sejam ke?
me: about 58 mins
Mr X: this is no least the best will be about 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs (sambil geleng2 kepala)
me: its ok then, i did my best anyway (dlm hati,amende nk ckp smpai 2 jm?present project bole la!)
Mr X:ok,thats good.dont say i'll try my best,but u have to do ur best (tp smbil pndang hina kat aku)
me: thanx (dgn perasaan annoying)
Mr X: ok hana,i'll see u again if u r selected (senyum kambing kat aku)
me: sym gak (tp tak ikhlas)

saya keluar from that building n heading to my car.a lil bit down.'say good bye Hana,they might not call u again even for the second interview'.Im no good,useless.cume 58 minit.tak cukup sejam..n sgt menyampah with that old gentleman.tau la pangkat kamu tu besar kat situ..huh.malas nk fikir.assume je la tak dapat hana..:(

heading to home..feeling down..hey Hana,its not the end of the road,learn from your mistake..(smile)~~lalala smpai umah saye nk zZZ

5 hari di KL

let's see what should i say here..hmm..
lets start with my bro's convocation day @ UiTM on Saturday was last week.. congrates bro!dah besar adikku sorg neh :)went to kl with sgt attached to them..didnt have a minute to curik2 klua n gossiping with sorry shera,nurul n awin (i told them i'll try to meet them as i couldnt make it on my last visit to kl,that was last two weeks)..
jalan2 @ KLIA jalan2 @Putrajaya

just to entertain my two nieces,so bwk la ke tempat2 itu.hihi..

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Friday, April 6, 2007

After a 'short' silent ;p

Hello everybody..welcome me back to blog..ehehe..
Been really bz to finish my FYP or we call PSM here..exhausted and sick of doing it. But finally the presentation was done and i managed to make it nicely..Somehow i feel a bit 'rendah diri' coz my system is not as advanced as the other people..but alhamdulillah, i do it all by myself, i have nobody to turn to if i have any problem while i developed it, but somehow..far far away from me, there are some people who still care bout me.. your moral support really help me to finish it when i was nearly gave up..thanx alot..

after the presentation,that was in wednesday..i went to DSI to help out the koQ tarian students.its their evaluation day..saje je la nk tgk hasil 13 mggu derg blaja menari nih..after that mkn kat k9 with bdk2 GWBU.still didnt eat anything since the presentation.late in teh evevning back to room and i slept for 12 hours!God..hangus semua solat..:(

yesterday went to cs.watching 'jgn pandang belakang' with linda's frens.never went to town by bus.great experience!best..hehe..smata2 nk tgk movie,and duit pn xde,so after that terus balik kolej,abg reen yg jemput...naseb baik.penat gak la if nak naik bas ptg2 yg panas itu..hehe.

mama call last nite asking me to come back home..yup me too really miss home.but saturday tak btolkan lagi.''x bole,esok la (jumaat)'' .aduss..ade family gathering at my balik nak bersantai2..ade family gathering plak. im sort of.. arghh.. i hate when they said,nana tak abis lagi ke?rasanye mcm dah lama je?
plus all those small kids that definitely will come into my room and make a mess!sigh!

ok la,got to pack all the dirty laundry..will be back home about 1 o'clock.see ya then..:)

TAGGED by Pzah - Hail Weirdos

RULES: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Well..been tagged by pzah for about err..near two month eh? really sorry dear.its not im not going to 'expose' my weird things..but i was really2 busy with that PSM things plus im not sure if im to think deeply and dig the weird things ahaks!here the it ;p
  1. when im out of bed every morning (or noon?haha..) i wont straight make the bed..i'll do sumthing breakfast,reading paper, looking for my mom and see what she's doing or juz lingering around the house  termenung.when i feel bore and coming back to my bedroom and see the mess, then i will clean up my room.
  2. i have a ..ermm weird phobia over lion dance. started when i was small. i will ran home desperately and climb up onto table or any high place. muka pucat n feel like crying,but x nangis pon. im not scared anymore, but up until now i still fell sumthing strange whenever i heard the drums beat of the lion dance..dunno la why..and my lil niece-dejah inherit that 'penyakit'.poor girl..aunty so sorry ok..huhu! 
  3. still watching nicklodeon-rocket power,wild thornberry,spongebob..etc and cartoon network-power puff girl,kim possible..,keep the soft toys and put name on it.but sorry, dnt like barbie.never had one pon..still cant keep out my 'childish side' aku yg tak nak?arghh..confuse..
  4. i do traditional dances..but im not into the music..i mean,i dont really know what's the lyric, who's the singer..coz im into catchy and hard music..but i cant do britney spears's dance..ahaha..
  5. i dont eat hamburger and pizza with chilli/tomato ketchup. chilli sauce taste great only with french fries..and You,yes u K-ri if u read this, u r Dead if u offer me that thing AgaIN the next time we go for pizza.SeriousLY ok!
  6. ...and the last thing is..i stiil dunno whether im one of those weirdos?haha..isnt't that weird?then im weirdo? weird..hahahahahah..
can i tagging pzah back?hehe..nah,kidding..sape tagging zughai,fadilah hani (teman Art ku di skolah),nur aimi ngah and afeefah the mysterious can i contact her?huuhuu..

Cheers, you weirdos!

Monday, February 26, 2007

show mlm pra-graduan

tgk muka dh itam.. 

inai ni saye yg buat sendiri,left hand side

huhu..nk tiru aishwarya :P

paling ske part lipan nih

nmpak tak saye,kiri skali

ni tarian overture

before perform

sempat lg practise tarian bollywood

dh transformed into india mari

ila ckp saye sgt cin-dian..haha

Monday, February 12, 2007

Click click..

 dan lagi..
 posing jap after abis..(after several times "cut!" duhh..)
 dan lagi skali snap
 ini adalah budak2 band and back up singer.di tengah itu ialah famie-houdinix yg poyo

wireless yg bengong

dh byk kali nk post entry before this,tp bila nk publish je mesti server down.stupid btol la wireless connectionn kolej ni.

last week really2 bz with Simfoni gamelan events. Got to attend training with gamelan team every nite. Eventho i like to hear the sound of gamelan, but its really tricky when i have to dance when they play LIVE.xdpt tgkap la bit dia,except for kuda kepang. Girls never did kuda kepang before,but this time pak herman asked us to make it..nyampah giler.Saye ni pendek, kuda kepang tu besar..n heavy too..juz imagine me,ride the kuda kepang n kene menari macho2..aiyo..xsesuai :( (xpyah la imagine,buang masa)

this week dh start im still here since my psm tunggang langgang mcm titanic nk lggar iceberg.zughai pn ade kt sini since friday.jmpa cik abg die la..ape lg..huhu.thanx zughai, at least im not alone here.eventho zughai balik bilik tdo n mandi je..ok la tuh..hehe.UTM pn dh sunyi sepi...

home sick..before went to KL for spectrum U abah dh called. Rindu Abah's bday.
dh wish tadi,anta sms dulu..then call.gembira sgt abah reply :

"Time kasih puteri kesayangan abah.Abah pn always sayangkan puteri abah yg sorg ni"

i'll be back on wednesday kot..seriously dh lama tak before that i have to see the dentist.

ptg td nk bg ikan makan kt mcm mendung..aku neh slalu jer bg ikan mkn,sebab slalu beli roti,pastu tak abis mkn..dh expired.diri sendiri yg slalu x mkn..xde member nk mkn dgn,jd slalunye jd malas nk mkn..hahaha..

zughai dh balik..nk mkn roti canai neh..hehe.

Monday, February 5, 2007


im back :)

the trip back to utm was really horrible.
sumthing wrong with the bus..and we stucked in the tight air.
smell sumthing like gas or sumthing burning all the way back,hard to breath
nama je bas baru..tapi begitu plak the driver have to stop several times to make sure we could arrived safely.
pening,nk muntah,sesak nafas.......dah la penat,nk tdo pn xbole :(

tired coz woke up early in the morning,which is sumthing i hardly do lately ;p
and have to perfomed again n again until the director was satisfied."cut!"
morning till evening..i wonder if i am an actress..fuhh,letihnye!haha(berangan!)

i hate to have any doublespeak argument with him.YUP,im reaLLy2 tired.Sori ok.
wutever it is, "k" is the only ur best do i.

and now,im tired buat psm..nk tdo zZZZZ.

owh,forgot...poyoEx,thanx for the McD..hehehe...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Goin to KL : Spectrum U

Esok nak bertolak g KL..x packing lagi..malas
Baju tarian yg besar tu pn tak alter lagi...
Cuak,buat psm dulu..mcm xde progress..:(
Gather at 4pm, gerak around 4.30pm
will be back on saturday after shooting.

nak naik JESse,tggal dpn DSI..risau kene curik
tapi slalu smpai blk utm mlm..nanti xde transport plak nk blk kolej
ramai team tu kolej belah K9,K10,KP.
aku jer pmpuan dok k12

Nak tak nak have to deal with the private prebet
Act its only if i have to,then i'll pay for that prebet..dnt really like it
nanti org yg xtau ingat i hangout with sumbody else..unless they see me pay the driver..
its only the dh deal,so tomorrow and after i come back here the next day he'll pick me up
its the cheapest anyway..huhu.

by the way,the orchestra n tarian team of UTM goin to have a recording for spectrum U.
Recording kat FINAS,tapi stay kat UKM..apekah? Last year dpt stay kat rumah tamu UTMKL.
Best gile,mcm dok hotel 3 bintang..huhu..
tapi sepnjg pengalaman stay @UKM, comment la..

ok la..nk pack stuffs for tomorrow..

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

kerana sehelai kemeja putih

mission:kemeja putih, lengan 3 quarter.
budget unit kebudayaan : rm50

ari sabtu puas cari kt jusco tmn U,tapi takde
ari ahad cari lagi kt tmn u, jalan kaki je pusing2 taman U sebab tak naik JESse
takde gak..

xde transport nk gi bandar sebab mama tak bg naik JESse ke bandar.xde budget nk sewa2 kete neh.
K-ri tlg carikkan kat kelantan..dapat n pos the next day.
Ari selasa dapat baju..VJ, size S, RM63.90. after less 32
(thanx dear..n for the lovely hand-made card)

Ari rabu nk claim duit.tapi tiba2 je "hei, kn aku dh ckp budget tak dpt!"
bila masa ckp?aku xtau..benci!
xpasal2 aku kene tanggung-mempunyai kemeja putih yg aku tak nak.cntik mmg la cntik..
tapi xnk!lebih memerlukan duit...

~nasib baik K-ri yg tolong carikan...kurang sket geram~

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love is BlInD

owh God..woke up late again wonder i feel like dnt want to wake up~ its raining.yup..rainy day is good for your sleep..

gosh..people keep saying that im getting skinny. yup, i realized im a bit slim ;p but not skinny please! since that day i put the braces,its really hard for me to enjoy the food i like, especially meat. after several months, my front teeth still dont work.x boleh gigit!sakit sgt kalau gigit.. i can eat the meal using gigi geraham blakang. but still i have to cut the food into small imagine how im going to eat hamburger?..McD prosperities~im craving for that one..sob..sob..

but i no longer take bubur as my meal ok..dh boleh mkn nasi mcm dnt u think that im in my normal condition?

to state the truth, i can get well-sleep lately. neither i can do my psm 'excellently'. error je :(to think that love is blind..its really hurt me.if love does hurt,why get involved with it? maybe because i still have some faith to believe that happiness will come later..

  • the one that you love doesnt mean the one that we can share all your sad or happiness feelings..
  • the one that you love doesnt mean he will always be there when you need some support
  • the one that you love doesnt mean he can take away your pain,blow away your anger or to put a smile on your face
  • the one that you love doesnt mean he's everything for you eventhough you try too hard to be his everything

well..i just realized all this while i'd been overdo certain things for the one i love is LECEH.
i still love him..because lOvE is so pissed-off!

Friday, January 26, 2007


a migration-from Friendster Blog to Blogger..
but seriously my excitement for bloging nearly zero..
everytime login,i juz keep playing with different template, add new links..but still there's nuthing to post
..and still i dunno what to say as the opening..

gimme some encouragement..:p

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