Wednesday, January 31, 2007

kerana sehelai kemeja putih

mission:kemeja putih, lengan 3 quarter.
budget unit kebudayaan : rm50

ari sabtu puas cari kt jusco tmn U,tapi takde
ari ahad cari lagi kt tmn u, jalan kaki je pusing2 taman U sebab tak naik JESse
takde gak..

xde transport nk gi bandar sebab mama tak bg naik JESse ke bandar.xde budget nk sewa2 kete neh.
K-ri tlg carikkan kat kelantan..dapat n pos the next day.
Ari selasa dapat baju..VJ, size S, RM63.90. after less 32
(thanx dear..n for the lovely hand-made card)

Ari rabu nk claim duit.tapi tiba2 je "hei, kn aku dh ckp budget tak dpt!"
bila masa ckp?aku xtau..benci!
xpasal2 aku kene tanggung-mempunyai kemeja putih yg aku tak nak.cntik mmg la cntik..
tapi xnk!lebih memerlukan duit...

~nasib baik K-ri yg tolong carikan...kurang sket geram~

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love is BlInD

owh God..woke up late again wonder i feel like dnt want to wake up~ its raining.yup..rainy day is good for your sleep..

gosh..people keep saying that im getting skinny. yup, i realized im a bit slim ;p but not skinny please! since that day i put the braces,its really hard for me to enjoy the food i like, especially meat. after several months, my front teeth still dont work.x boleh gigit!sakit sgt kalau gigit.. i can eat the meal using gigi geraham blakang. but still i have to cut the food into small imagine how im going to eat hamburger?..McD prosperities~im craving for that one..sob..sob..

but i no longer take bubur as my meal ok..dh boleh mkn nasi mcm dnt u think that im in my normal condition?

to state the truth, i can get well-sleep lately. neither i can do my psm 'excellently'. error je :(to think that love is blind..its really hurt me.if love does hurt,why get involved with it? maybe because i still have some faith to believe that happiness will come later..

  • the one that you love doesnt mean the one that we can share all your sad or happiness feelings..
  • the one that you love doesnt mean he will always be there when you need some support
  • the one that you love doesnt mean he can take away your pain,blow away your anger or to put a smile on your face
  • the one that you love doesnt mean he's everything for you eventhough you try too hard to be his everything

well..i just realized all this while i'd been overdo certain things for the one i love is LECEH.
i still love him..because lOvE is so pissed-off!

Friday, January 26, 2007


a migration-from Friendster Blog to Blogger..
but seriously my excitement for bloging nearly zero..
everytime login,i juz keep playing with different template, add new links..but still there's nuthing to post
..and still i dunno what to say as the opening..

gimme some encouragement..:p

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