Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Danbo Meets Dummy

Automotive Safety Week was held in MITC Melaka from 22-24 May. I was one of the secretariat for parallel sessions.I brought Danbo along with me.While i was busy with the event's task, Danbo chan make friends with Dummies from NCAP society. They seem to be good ;)

 "Psstt..esok ko kena langgar kat PC3 kan?"

Monday, May 28, 2012

My 2? Birthday

27 May 2012. Hana Nana turned 29! This is end of the 2 series before i enter the 3 series. Thanks a lot Hubbyku Keri for this cute yummylicious ice cream cake. Tengah-tengah malam kena makan ice cream cake ni sampai abis..kembung perut,terasa gemuk :p ~nasib baik Baskin Robbins :D

 12.00 am sharp, 27 May 2012. Sunday

My Love Wifey Cake BR Ice cream cake (Mint Chocolate Chip flavor)  ^_^

Terima kasih Allah, masih panjangkan umurku, masih dapat beribadat kepadamu dan memperbetulkan dan memperbaiki kekurangan diriku.Syukur di atas nikmat yang telah engkau berikan..semoga hajatku untuk meramaikan umat Nabi Muhammad akan diperkenankan olehMu..dan semoga kewujudan diriku ini dapat membantu org2 di sekelilingku.amin

Families and friends yang wish to me,thanks a lot for your sweet thought and doa. May Allah bless all of us.
Cheers ^__^

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Hubby

On May 2nd 2012, rain was pouring down heavily and it made Kajang town almost sink for the 2nd time (since i was here from 2009)..and that day was my beloved soulmate birthday..

Balik kerja pun dah penat..so i decided to take him out for dinner. We went to D'One Steak at BB Bangi. Some of my friends give not so good comments bout this place, but for me : OK laa..not that bad, except for sauce chicken cordon bleu dia- tak sedap...

There my good boy smiling while having his mixed grilled :) 

Hadiah hold dulu sebab belum jumpa lagi barang yang dia nak. Actually dia just cakap "tak nak apa2. I nak you happy jer " hehe..sweet jugak Keri neh ;)

I insist to buy him something then he said  "new cargo pants,OK?"~ok je sayang ^__^

Rainbow cake : 1st Customer

This month sgt2 la busy..tak sempat nk selalu update blog :(
I miss baking, i miss playing with Danbo-chan,i miss playing clay..

Anyway, sibuk2 pun sempat buat sebiji rainbow cake for preggy mommy, Adda.
Thanks Adda sebb 'berani' nak tempah dari Hana..hihi
Alhamdulillah, Adda and her hubby Amad said my cake sedap ~malu~~ececece...

Part paling best sure la time potong,baru nmpak rainbow dia..:)
I forgot to buy cake knife for adda, (sorry adda) so i gave her complimentary gift-handphone strap 2 bijik yg saya buat sendiri from clay.tapi tak smpat dah nak amek gmbar sbb after hantar cake terus pergi Melaka utk tgk maslina nikah...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunset At Pengkalan Balak

Dah lama tak dating dengan hubby kat beach..hehe.Berbekalkan cadbury chochettes, kami pun berdating untuk tengok sunset selepas attend majlis nikah office mate-Maslina.By the way, tahniah Mas ;)

Venue: Pantai Pengkalan Balak, Melaka
Date : 5 May 2012, Saturday
Time : 6.48 pm

Subhanallah..cantik ciptaan Allah :)

Pic of sunset taken by me.Hubby amek gmbar yg ada my face aje..hihi..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

HSG experience

First of all, for those who are seeking info for this HSG, im not encouraging you to read this entry.huhu..

Never heard of LPPKN? it is Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara, under the Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat.  It is somewhat a common name for couple like us who are seeking treatment/consultation to have our very own baby. Yes it is government agency, but no..its not a free service. Honestly, saya pun tak tahu pasal kewujudan LPPKN, but it exist since 1966.But im not sure since when it offers fertility clinic. Hubby said the treatment here is cheaper than private hospital, and dah ramai org success. Murah tak murah pun, memang kena prepare duit jugak lah. So here i would like to share my experience doing the treatment here.

First time appointment, was on april 24th.we were not seeing the doctor. There are some procedures/tests we have to do before we got to see the doctor. Hubby's semen was tested. Alhamdulillah..he is normal..hehe..Next,blood sample from both of us were taken. Itulah 1st time darah kene amek dengan banyaknya. Ayat nurse "halusnya tangan..tak jumpa urat".So she called experienced Sister to do it. Seminggu jegak bekas lebam kat tgn :(  Then the nurse ask me to do HSG test .Since they dont have the machine for the HSG, the ask me to make appoinment with any hospital that provide the service.It has to be on the 7th to 10th day from my 1st day period. Kalau terlepas, kena tunggu next period cycle to do it. Dont want to wait any longer, so after call so many hospital to do it on Saturday (that is my 8th day of my period cycle), i manage to make appmnt with SDMC on 28 April.

So what is HSG? i google google google..and here it is.the long name is Hysterosalpingography.To describe it from my non-medical version, it is xray to see a woman's uterus and fallopian tube. Doctor will put a speculum and inject liquid so that the liquid will go into the tubes.Sakit!rasa nak menangis..tapi demi mendapatkan baby, i have to bear the pain. Dalam hati berdebar, what will be the result.After done, nak bgn susahnye..jalan pun terkengkang kengkang..huhu. Alhamdulillah, from the xray, the tubes and uterus appear normal. Good and free spill noted bilaterally=copy paste ayat kat result form :) They will give you the xray film. I will bring the film when i see the doctor at LPPKN later.

Some of my friends that had gone through that test said they cant even move at night..duduk melepek je kat rumah.it like u are having period pain with extra pain..im not exaggerating.but i read from somewhere in forum, some people with the X factor maybe experience less pain than i did.At the same date, saya dpt lucky draw from Miros, movie tix to see The Avengers. So after tempoh bertenang, hubby took me to see the free movie. Somehow it helps to make me forget about the pain, and at night i managed to come to Shu's wedding.

Here are hospitals nearby that offer the HSG  that i phone called:

  • SDMC - Dr perempuan, nurse muda2 and peramah (apa kaitan? :p ) fee : RM430
  • Pusrawi Kajang - Dr. perempuan, appmnt full, byk cengkadak  fee: RM600-800 ~ i reject
  • KPJ Kajang - Dr. lelaki ~ i reject
  • Tawakkal KL - Dr. perempuan, appmnt full ~ i yang kena reject
  • Daya (bukan hospital,tapi buat HSG) - Dr. lelaki, tak buat Saturday. fee RM90 (paling murah) ~ i reject
Kesimpulannya, saya reject mana-mana yg dibuat oleh Dr. lelaki..huhu

pheww..dah lama tak update blog, byk pulak tulis kali ni. nanti update progress nxt apmnt..till then..jya ne :)

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