Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ramai orang sudah mula bertanyakan tarikh wedding saya.i thought i did tell everyone the date, but they said they didn't know.so i think i need to re-announce the date here ;)

the date : February 14th, 2010 (Sunday)
venue : Pontian, Johor

The invitation cards will be distributed later in January.So, leave your address here or text me, ok.
cheers :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

si comot yang comel

Dia sudah pandai bergaya di depan kamera :) dia tersenyum lebar bila saya keluarkan kamera

"syafiee, smile!" ~ coach!ur teeth is bad la sayang.tutup sikit..

he did as what i asked. ~ alaa..nampak mcm sedih la pulak..senyum,tapi jgn nmpak gigi..

" ok..perfect!"
isn't He lovely..:)

Friday, November 27, 2009

starry night

its a hot sunny day here in Pontian.its like standing next to the burning fire.I didn't have much choice except just stay in the house.

i stayed up late last night. sitting under the mango tree outside the house.it was malam raya :) quiet.calm.the tranquility made inner peace.
looking at the night sky.The stars were blinking like thousand diamonds.God, it was so beautiful.

I remember the last time i did star gazing with Zuray back in school.I told her i love to watch starry night and so did she.So after the lights out bell, we sneaked out.Went to the field, up the hill just to watch the night sky. Lay on the grass konon2 macam kat tv without knowing the differences between the grass dlm tv and kat sekolah tu. End up badan gatal2 balik dorm. It was fun tho..
Dont ask me when and how i did that.That part was missing.

I heard somewhere, star gazing is one of the soul therapy. it works on me.To think how small i am in this vast universe, creating consciousness in me...
And last night i spot the Orion. I hope to do it again but with somebody next to me.Come, spot the Orion again because that is the only constellation that i know :) who knows bole spot ET pulak ;)

Suddenly i heard my mom call.oh Coach!i forgot to look at the ketupat.nasib baik tak rentung..huhu..

i wonder if i could witness the Almighty's creation from here one day..

Good night everybody ^__^

Thursday, November 26, 2009


* Colmar Tropica, Berjaya Hills * November 14th, 2009 * Pzah, Iza, Aiko Sensei, Me *

I cant sleep well last night. Wondering what my life would be next.
I put some of my recently sweet moments with my Dior friends ;)
Just to cheer up my self.I was happy at this moment :)
i miss u girls..hope to see u next month ^__^

Monday, November 23, 2009

In blues..

what a bad day today..i've got a mixed feeling.Keri is busy again when i need him..sighhh..

By the way,I'm going back to my home town tomorrow by bus.omg..it's been a long time..i'll be one of the sardine in Komuter tomorrow..what a hassle just to get to Puduraya...

anyway, just wanna jot down several things as a reminder for me..

1- Book the bridal
2- Go for HIV test.. talesemia nak kene jugak ke?
3- Survey for hantaran decoration
5- Book homestay / hotel
6- Make wedding tentative
7- Book Kompang team
8- Apply all the borang for nikah

i almost complete the hantaran stuffs for me and for him.yatta!

plan nak design sendiri invitation card..but seems more costly..need to think again..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


encik, betul ke kat sini??

potong sajelah..


dengar betul-betul,jgn tersalah potong!

Pratical Ibadah Korban.
Organizer : i-Miros
Date : October 24th (baru nak post now ke?) hee..

Sembelih ayam.on weekend.early in the morning.cuci ayam?
soo not hana nana!
First time in life ok.but, yeah..i made it..hehe
what an experience!pheww...

note to maslina : thanx mengheret saya di pagi hari ke mesjid itu :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

saya = serabut

sangat lama meninggalkan blog ini.sangat serabut membuat budget kawen.baru buat budget nk kawen, kalau budget negara?? bole jadi putih rambut bila pikir..

err..ada sesapa baik hati ke nk sponsor?sponsor gula2 10kg pun boleh la..ahaks ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa Kepada Semua

Ramadhan comes again.Not like any other months,bulan Ramadhan memberikan banyak keberkatan dan ganjaran bagi hamba-hamba Allah yang melakukan ibadat.And Ramadhan this year has a different meaning for me.
  • This is the last puasa that i will celebrate as a single.Next year insyaAllah will be fasting together with husband :)
  • I prepare my own meal for iftar and sahur (before this sgt bergantung kepada pasar ramadhan)
  • Go to terawikh alone..jalan kaki pegi surau..
  • Mungkin membayar zakat fitrah sendiri kots...(nervous nyer..huhu)
  • Manage everything on my own
jeez..see how independent i am now ~~ lalala..

Readers, Ampun dan maaf jika saya ada membuat kesalahan kepada anda semua. Even though dah masuk hari ketiga berpuasa, its still not too late to wish you all
" Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa :) "

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Anti-ISA Street demo

.saturday.August 1st 2009.

that wasn't the first time i was at the scene.the third time if my memory still at its good condition.its not that i wanted to be at the place.there were coincidence.when people should be worried,i feel some kind of excitement.i don't know why..

but this time i just saw people outside the sogo running here and there.tu pun dari celah2 pintu.before its began, i tried to get out of the building (konon nak duduk kat secret receipe luar tu sambil mkn chicken cordon bleu and watch the demo.note : my thought-secret receipe nk tutup ke pun sbb hal2 mcm ni??).never knew it could be worst than i imagined.I quote news at TV3 yesterday night - 'Kuala Lumpur lumpuh'

luckily my intention was denied by the security man as all the doors were closed!!
even with the door closed,the teargas still found the way to enter the sogo building,causing the people inside there to wear mask.Sakit ok!!i bet the Guardian enjoyed the sales of the masks yesterday.mcm pisang goreng panas (people Q to buy them at the counter).imagine those people outside the building yang kene water canon and the teargas directly..poor them esp the innocent one(the peniaga pasar malam)

i love to take spot pictures.these pictures were snapped with my 2mp phone camera.And again, i speak to myself..get yourself a fine digi cam,Hana (if not SLR). ~~sigh!

"Ninja- in-training"

kosong..all that left were some of the promoters yg kena jaga counter.kesian..terpaksa la jaga jugak kan.ngehehe..i bought something from the Estee lauder counter..so sbb xde promoter yg jaga,sempat la test lipstick baru Christian Dior..lalala.. best v(^_^)

the only exit after the situation under controlled was at the lower ground.most of them were heading to STAR LRT..but 'dush dush'..it was closed.demit menyusahkan org nk balik kajang jer!!

the helicopter above adding the cemas sound effect

trucks that carried the detained people.

most of them wearing red. i feel sorry for them..so i wave hand and smile to them as a sign-its ok(baik x?) but its not that im one of the anti-ISA..

and the consequences..all the shops along jln TAR were closed,so the plan to buy some stuffs there were canceled(grrr.....).the STAR LRT at Bandaraya and Masjid Jamek station were closed,causing us(me and rumies) to menapak jauh to take Komuter at Bank Negara.and yeah the komuter station was like sardine station yang byk ikan sardine to be stuffed in a tin(komuter).huhu.....

all in all..alhamdulillah we managed to gt back to Kajang safely :) thanx to those who worried about me.its dangerous and but enjoyed the moment tho..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Good ol' time

i went back to my hometown last saturday and just got back to kajang on wednesday.what a long rest..hehehe.didnt plan to go anywhere as i miss my home very much..so i decided to rearrange the girl stuffs' in my room.that was when i accidentally found all these things.i've been keeping this for several years and yet still have it until now..and every single thing means a lot to me.just snap a few pictures,ada byk lagi in the boxes including the notes + plush toys + cards + good luck charm masa kat ssp..bak kata my mom " boleh la bukak museum kamu sendiri nanti.." huhu..~perempuan :P

hehe..if im not mistaken the second time fly ..kots?sape amek gmba nih?zuray?effa?cant recall..those time compact film camera je..so x nmpak la ape yg ade kat belakang.nmpak ke pun..mmg gelap kat belakang umah pakcik..(aiseh i forgot the warden name)..err..

i quote effa - hana,aku kenal bag ni! (after near 12 years i still have the bag with me,masih elok..just the 'Puma' sign dh hilang sikit )

this mug, my mom bought me when i entered SSp.form 1..masih digunakan di rumah ku..

baiti gave this to me masa SPM.

music box and bear naik kereta tu from baiti,brooch case from mai,frame from effa and the paper weight made from batu sungai tu from kak Hana.handmade..masa form 3 dia bagi..sweetnyer dia ;)

birthday thingy ni pzah gave masa first year kat University, keychain Suzie bagi masa dia belajar kat MRSM Jasin and the Too Phat CD album cover effa bagi masa form 5 sebab dia salah print size CD case.masih wujud lagi saye simpan...note the title 'Just a fan by Stania' ...hohoho

another things kak Hana bagi masa PMR and farewell gift before dia klua SSP :)

hehe..ni barang2 semasa join Gema Warisan Budaya UTM.rindu sgt2 nak menari..uwaa...fake eyelash tu sampai dh tertanggal..nk buang ke?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

what is this?

i dunno what is this..look like a bird but it has no wings..accidentally created when i was learning to use pen tool in photoshop.
sampai sekarang tak reti-reti lagi guna pen tool..*sigh*

Saturday, May 9, 2009

When Pzah had the camera..

I love to have Pzah with a camera coz she knows how to make meaningful pictures of us. She did during my convocation day and again during Zatyl's big day. Hopefully you'll be there during my big day dear..*wink wink*

cincin merisik :">
Hana and Pzah ;)
hana & Mr. fiance ;P

She managed to capture rambut ditiup angin :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me and Nieces

Click to enlarge

moral : do not talk non-sense to your kids..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 hari di Rumah Maslina @Pengkalan Balak

Last weekend on Saturday 14th,Mas invited me to go back to her house at Melaka.Yeay, i've got something to do to fill in my emptiness on weekend.Her house is near the beach (which is the place where i always wanted to go).makan2 ikan bakar at night and take a walk along the sea side.Karaoke sampai pagi kat umah.parents Mas sgt cool.Memang Best!x puas, nk stay lagi..tapi malu..hahaha...

Ini rumah mas :) sgt besar and cantik!
welcome to pantai Pengkalan Balak!

abaikan kegemukan saya
tulisan ni emboss,cool tak? bukan edit ok..

on the way from pantai to umah mas
beach view..
inilah maslina :)
Thanx Mas,for making my day..

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