Monday, December 22, 2008

Perkiraan Tarikh

Lagi berapa hari nih?? Sebenarnya saya tak tau sgt adat istiadat org bertunang ni.Tak pernah ambil pusing sebb tak terfikir akan bertunang tahun ini jugak!Nervous..

Ini tips dari Yana, the bride-to-be next month :

"gedix laa bertunang pon nk pakai inai...g manicure jer sudah...ko sarung cicin kat ner?if kat hall sediakan laa tempat sarung cincin..ur seating area laaa.
tu jer...barang hantaran tarok siap siap kat depan..walaupon ko mcm xsabau jer nk tunang..ko belakon jer control ayu tersipu sipu "

~apekah berlakon control ayu tersipu-sipu itu??mcm2 la kamu nih :p

Disebabkan agak lambat buat persiapan and last minute deal, memula agak stress memikirkan cmne nk jadi dgn majlis ni. Di tambah anasir-anasir luar yg menganggu fikiran,....sempat ke ni?tapi nmpaknya Alhamdulillah, dengan pertolongan keluarga, my tunang-to-be and nasihat kawan-kawan semua, everything seems to be ok :)

kedai barang hantaran bgtau barang2 dah siap.tailor pn dah call, cakap esok baju siap. Yeay!!

akan update entry seterusnya dgn gmba majlis nanti..hee

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saya dan CSI

mlm semalam..bersendirian di rumah.
Watching CSI season 9, episode 5-8. (Kerja-kerja download baru selesai)
Tersentuh dengan ayat2 Sara Sidle ckp pada Gil Grissom.
I quote her :

"If a relationship can't move forward,it withers.."

"Sometimes not making a decision is making a decision"

Sher, entry ini dedicate utk kamu :p
Thirah n Siti, thanx for being a good listener :)

gmba diambil from blog thirah,tapi xde salji2..huhu

ok,continue counting days...9 days to go.hang on there hana!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sara's Wedding

Venue : Kampung Janda Baik,Bentong
Date : November 23,2008
Transport sponsored by Zughai (all the way from Terengganu,.sanggup tuh!)haha..

--congratulations Sara and partner!!

the smile of the bride
us-the former Mafs :p (exclude the bridegroom)
daku kelihatan gemuk kerana terover alignment :p
me n cikgu baiti
zughai is happy with en.saiful :)

Sara : Muka korang dari dulu sama je e..tak berubah langsung.
Zughai : Penat je hana buat make over, sara tak nampak2 lagi

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Madagascar Penguins in Christmas Caper

Christmas is coming,the Madagascar 2 is now showing in cinema.But still this x'mas caper is my all time favorite short movie. Skipper,kowalski,rico and private-Cool penguins on earth ever!

i love this penguin's credo ~never swim alone~ hehe

Friday, November 28, 2008

Syu's Dinner

Syu the mak buyong is my dear office-mate. Pregnant ladies nowdays, trying too hard to be as slim and sleek as they could!haha..jgn marah syu :p
me damn stress!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's What You Get by Paramore

this is awesome.. sape nk mp3 dia, i got one.. heh ;)

No sir, well I don't wanna be the blame, not anymore.
It's your turn, so take a seat we're settling the final score.
And why do we like to hurt, so much?

I can't decide
You have made it harder just to go on
And why, all the possibilities where I was wrong

That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.
That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.
I drowned out all my sense away, with the sound of its beating.
And that's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.

I wonder, how am I supposed to feel when you're not here.
'Cause I burned every bridge I ever built when you were here.
I still try holding onto silly things, I never learn.
Oh why, all the possibilities I'm sure you've heard.

That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.
That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.
I drowned out all my sense away, with the sound of its beating. (beating)
And that's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.

Pain make your way to me, to me.
And I'll always be just so inviting.
If I ever start to think straight,
This heart will start a riot in me,
Let's start, start, hey!

Why do we like to hurt so much?
Oh why do we like to hurt so much?

That's what you get when you let your heart win!

That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.
That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.

Now I can't trust myself with anything but this,
And that's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Night Trip

who said traveling in the middle of the night is more relaxing?it is not, especially when you are driving.Owh, i used to think that way ~x panas, not so many cars, bole tido,then tup tup buka mata dah sampai destinasi..
Guess not anymore..Here the story begin..;)

since I moved to kajang, my big bro always gimme a ride to go back home at Pontian.but of course with the price i have to pay by being a dedicate driver n co driver.and it has been always a midnight trip. A dedicated co driver means i have to stay awake while he is driving and catch him when he started to drive out of the road alignment.yup, he hardly asked me to take my turn unless i opened my mouth to offer. Meanwhile, a dedicated driver means i have to keep the speed at 120 km/h (or lower ) and wide awake driving alone after him while he is sleeping!! and before he fall asleep the reminder will be "ana jgn bawak laju2 sgt..zZZ"
what the..??he drove at 160 all tadi!! sigh...
but never mind, i love it when he’s sleeping.heh..
i went back home with him last weekend. It was almost 4am when i took my turn at muar.night trip no longer fun for me.dulu muda2 selalu la nk bawak laju2, cucuk2 kereta org depan..haha.silly! im not saying im getting old.Should i say gettimg mature?haha..bukan sebab saye bekerja di Miros ya..:p
The road was kinda slippery, the heavy trucks, the the the xenon high beam head lamps..(i hate those cars very much!buat sakit mata jer)..hell yeah, i must be extra careful while driving with those fatalities. The night was cold. The moon beam was bright, i could see the trees on the field dancing free from distance. Quite a beautiful night I must say..lalala,my mind went to the time when I was small. I was such a penakut lil girl..will hide my face under a pillow at the back seat of the car when we’re leaving grandma house at night..

Arghh,again the xenon lamps from behind harrier hit my eyes.huh..i lost track in which realm I was just now..haha. 5 minutes later,I saw a big trailer in front of me trying to take the right lane. Gimme me a speaker, Hello..cant u see im speeding at this right lane!!Ok,no choice..let it go first.
Owh there was an accident at the left.O my god, the trailer was so slow that made me saw 2 people bleeding lay on the road. I just saw only a kancil crashed badly.where’s the other vehicle? couldn't find any.i guessed the accident just happened as there were no police or paramedics.only some volunteers guide the other drivers with torchlight.

Tak pernah nmpak mayat org accident depan mata..:( Ok hana,jgn berangan lagi ..
~ badan ku tegak memandu sampai rumah selepas melihat kejadian itu.Damn, I was drop dead tired!!masih terbayang kejadian itu..

so, with the 10% discount of the PLUS toll charge, i guess my bro would be one of the grateful malaysians. all nocturnal indeed. lets hope the reduction of 10% toll charge will not make increment in road accidents statistic.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Malam itu di cyberjaya..

pzah said : hana have vision but not being firmed to realize it..
iza said : what best for you?what your heart tells you?your feeling first..

i missed to have heart to heart conversation with my dear girl friends. ey, cant wait to revise the to-do list.its not a wish list tau pzah ;)

thanks buddies. hugss~~\(^_^)/

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mizah's Wedding

Some of Mizah's wedding Pix during Faiz's reception...
Note her 'Rozita Che Wans' eyelash..heheh..very stunning with the Red Songket.You are the real Ruby's captain Mizah :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sampai syurga by Faizal Tahir

Saya suka dengan lirik lagu ni,lagi2 Faizal Tahir yang nyanyi.Watch the video clip,he's really awesome!mesti susah buat shooting kat dalam air.I dont know who's idea to create this video,but i know he must be super creative artistic man..i think this one of the best local singer's music video ever made..enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today,the topic will be "DECISION".
how can we know that we make the right decision?DECISION is something that i hate..especially when i have to decide it on myself.I doubt my brain works very fine on WISE decision when all this time i always make not wrong,but not-so-wise decisions.Its more pain in the ass when the decision have to be given in no time or has its due time..

When i came to KL 6 months ago,I have to decide whether to join the ACCP program or keep looking for a job.I decide to take the ACCP course (which i think one of my wise decision) as its hard to find a job that time.Alhamdulillah, finally i'm free from ACCP.But yes..decision keep bugging me..this time,which company would i go to continue my journey of life..

When i have make a decision to join a company not so far from KL,with no sign of public transports that i can rely on..(omg,i'll stuck forever in this kinda ghetto town),some others company in KL offers job to me with interesting remunerations..not so popular company,but well established for years..owhh!!so irresistible..but to work with them of course i will be shaped into some kind of work plus female chauvinist people..

so..i have to do some IF ELSE looping.some how when i form the WHILE, the looping seems can't even reach the dead end..huhu.Its not easy to get the chances,people say grab the chances coz the chances not always come to us easily.

Ok,finally,its decided..choose one.Let the other go.. (ye la,takkan nak tamak keje kat semua tmpat tu..haha..) Hopefully the way that i choose will give me bright future.Life is not all about money.That's truth..have to think about my responsibility,especially to God as His servant,family as a daughter,as a sister,as an auntie and as a wife and mother(in the future la..keskes..).keje bagai nak 'rak' pun tak guna jugak if tanggungjawab yg lain terabai..

Ya Allah,give me Your bless and the strength to face the days ahead. I hope this is the right path for me.Wanna know whether this is another my wise Decision or not?You have to wait at least a year to get the result..

Thats all for today,thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

8 random facts about me:Tagged by Thirah

(hasil keje ketika bosan..bole guna untuk desktop wallpaper)

here it comes..8 random facts about Nurulhana..haha
  • i dont take tomato/chili ketchup with burger,pizza,nasi goreng,mee or wutever food
    i'll take it only with potatoes fries,fried chicken n jemput-jemput
  • im a sensitive person yet a 'lil bit garang..haha
  • can i be considered as artistic?coz i love to be considered as one..hihih
  • i love kids and cats which is i hate 'em once upon a long long time ago
  • i think i should change my dressing style at this age but i dont know how
    i quote awin 'nana,bila ko nak berubah jadi feminin sikit..pakai handbag,hi-heel,makeup sikit..'
    -tak cukup feminin kah saya ini??huhu
  • im still crazee with soft toys and all those cute2 fancy well as watching those animation movies
  • i have the assemble of my parents equally
  • don't look at me twice or i'll start to think something must be wrong with me..(im not an alien,idiot!!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

tadi ada demonstrasi

panas2 berjalan balik from sogo,teman sheila beli perfume Dunhill London(nice smell!) for father's day..tetiba masa nk sampai maju junction ternampak la segerombolan rombongon yg lebih hebat daripada rombongan cik kiah ke Sukom berarak menuju ke arah dataran merdeka..sheila,aisah n siti yg panik tetibe lari menyembunyikan diri.saya plak yg terkebil2 tiba2 excited bila tau itu ialah demo org ramai pasal tak puas hati harga minyak naik....'BN naik(tanda anak panah ke atas) Minyak naik,BN turun(anak panah ke bawah),minyak turun' itulah sepanduk yg saya nmpak..
saya suruh sheila amek gmba dekat2..tapi dia takut..fon saya plak camera tak canggih..huhu.tgh2 excited tersengih2 tengok terpacak sorang kat tepi jalan tu(yg lain semua kat tgh jalan) tetibe saya nmpak sheila n d gang lari ke belakang..napenye..rupenye bila toleh depan saya,org tgh record video guna video yg saya nmpak kat RTM masa recording kat Finas..huhu..apekah,termasuk ke muka saya yg tersengih2 tu..bukannye ape,slalu tgk dlm tv je,ni nmpak depan mata..~~oo cmni la dia org wat tunjuk perasaan.dulu takde pun bende2 ni kat negara kita,nowdays seperti kerap je terjadi~lalala

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

kene tagged..

note:mood hari ni ialah damn f**kin sad,jam tgn ilang..:(

5 hadiah yang saya mahu dan kenapa nak 5 hadiah tersebut.

1. travel package to japan(7 hari 7 malam okeh)-because im so obsess with japan!
2. new wrist Swatch watch~mine baru je ilang tadi..left in toilet..:(
3. a candle light dinner with faizal tahir-wink*wink*
4. incanto dream perfume by ferragamo-the smell that melt my heart
5. miki moto jewelleries-err women juz love it aight..

Sape tag saya? yanadey

5 impressi mengenai beliau.

1. kurus bangat persis supermodel..wahahaha
2. banyak ckp
3. sangat sempoi and selamba
4. slalu ternampak dia nangis di dorm (so saya rasa dia cembeng la gak)haha
5. rasanya sekarang dia sudah menjadi wanita yang sopan sedikit berbanding zaman skolah..

Perkara paling memberkas dia pernah lakukan

1. sepupu megawati
2. budak emerald yang tersisih(form 3)..kahkah
3. pernah bermulut laser dgn saya (tapi tak ingat ah ape die)
4. ada satu baju kurungnye yang mempunyai banyak manik2(sampai skang saya ingat lagi..nape ntah)
5. gaduh2 ngan budak form 2..ekeke..

Most loved invention.
1. art drawing
2. art performing
4. art sketching
5. all about artsssssssssss

What I despise so much

1. girls conflict *mmg la pempuan ni complicated*~lala
2. scandal
3. bill clinton and sekutu2nye..
4. politicians di malaysia..plis laa
5. One who likes to judge or make own assumption about me without knowing the real truth~sama dgn yanadey

5 orang yg kena tag.

1. pzah
2. aliza
3. trex
4. anais
5. shawn sharif

~oo ye,saya kene tagged dgn t-rex gak dulu,tapi tak buat lagi laa..haha..sori..nanti la yek..kehkeh..

Friday, May 30, 2008

my heart throb

his name is Muhammad along's son.Selalu rindu kat dia..comel sgt..a good baby,dia suka senyum and bercakap..eventho i didnt understand any..pretend faham je lah..haha.Acik tak sabar la nak jumpa Pi'ee lagi..waa

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

perasaan saya

apekah perasaan saye hari ini..ermm..hihi..first thing first im really grateful kerana Allah masih memberi nyawa kepada saya and secara tak langsungnye saya masuh boleh memohon ampun daripada-Nya dan juga mendoakan kesejahteraan kepada family saya :)

secondly,rasa terharu sebab masih ade sahabat yang masih mengingati and wish sempena Hari tua saya..huhu.Every year, bday card yang saye terima semakin's ok..sebab saya faham sekarang kite semua di level yang masing2 busy dgn hal sendiri plus there's sms,ym and friendster to be the medium to give wishes.Whatever it is, the thought of me is the most important kan?saya pun tak expect masih ramai yang sudi wish..hehe.terharunye saye..

yang wish 'secara live' :khairi,teddy,awin,chap, baiti, fini, sutha, hare, budak2 class ACCP, kak ira,mama,abah
wish tru ym & friendster :zughai, anais, atuq, adik bongsu saya, aliza, noor, eis,budak nakal 2 org(my nieces)

Thanx A Lotss korang semua....sayang korang..kehkeh...
ucapan saya untuk diri sendiri:walaupun umur meningkat,tapi masih kelihatan muda..ahaha..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wedding Anem & Meba

i spent all the day long sitting in front of pc hari ni..cuti wesak,but dont have any intentions to go anywhere..bangun pagi2 pada hari cuti,doing housechores (laundry,buang sampah,kemas meja..nak harapkan budak2 rumah ni,sampai jadi tongkang pecah baru derang nak kemas!).

on saturday i went to website workshop with my brother organized by supposed to finish at 4pm..but delay until 5.45pm.Thirah plak pukul 5 dah sampai depan rumah..sgt kelam kabut and cuak.Thirah n me plan to overnite at mizah's house.mizah pulak dah tggu kat astro,sebab kami tak tau jalan
ke rumah mizah kat seri kembangan.Makcik mizah sgt mengamuk bila kitarg lambat..seb baik la thirah ni cool...sorry sangat2 ye thirah and mizah.Saye drive kereta thirah dgn sgt la laju sebab captain kami itu bila dah marah...err..huhu..thirah,dun be surprise bila saye check driving license saye dah mati on 16th may..sorry tak perasan..hahaha..
malam berinai besar
malam berinai besar
wedding day
anem and meba bersanding

mission kami(saye,thirah n shera) tdo kat umah mizah untuk pegi wedding anem. congrates anem n meba.pengantin yang sgt cool n sempoi..mereka pandai bergaya depan camera..suke tgk derang.anem sgt cantik n berseri.semoga kamu berdua berbahagia forever.ramai SSP'ans datang..besides attend the wedding,dpt jugak jmpa kawan2 yg da lama saye tak jumpa..rindu.saye hampir tak cam Anot!tapi tak sempat bergossip,sori ye cik rahmah n iwa..haha.nxt time ;p tatong tanye saye tak rindu ke nak menari..ya ampun,sgt rindu! mcm kamu jugak la,saye tak tau mana nak menari kat saye tgh tgk So u think you can dance kat 8tv.lagi la perasaan nak menari tu membuak2..haha.tapi saye mmg tak layak mimpi nak join pun sebab saye cuma pandai traditional dances.modern dance tak pandai...takes longer time to learn!

jumpa im very happy..each of them dgn life masing2.but deep down inside.. saye sedikit sedih.dalam kereta i told thirah that im 2 steps left behind from them.infact 3 steps done with ACCP this coming july.some of my classmates pun dah dapat job once finished this course.saye ni,resume pun tak
update lagi..bila dah keje pun saye masih ade beberapa gap lagi to be at the same level as the rest of ssp'ans batch saye.or maybe mereka akan jauh tggalkan saye..and thats the feeling i'll feel every time jumpa mereka.when i think of my self,back then kenape kat utm saye tak pernah score,why now in this short course i just realized
that i could..saye mendapat jawapannye dari khairi..because u didnt open my heart to learn about your course and u didnt fully utilized your brain..bukan sebab awk tak pandai..~thanx dear

bersabarlah hana..jangan putus asa..masih ramai lagi di luar sana yang tidak beruntung seperti saye..sekurang2nye saye masih ade ibu bapa yang memahami dan juga kawan2 yang supportive.saya juga ade teddy bear yang baik hati

~entry ini ditulis on Monday,May 19th~

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tattoo By Jordin Sparks

Another my fav song :)

Tattoo by Jordin Sparks

sad friday..huhu..

ye..saye tau arsenal kalah dgn man u..tak payah la bgtau lagi..huhu..(hati terluke sebab arsenal cm tak best season ni..........)

saye berEmosi pada hari jumaat lepas,maka saye tak datang training kerana takde hati nak mengadap trainer yang macam haram itu..

nothing much to do untuk melegakan perasan melainkan membuat sketch untuk meluahkan perasan saye..haha..well,it works..i did feel relief after that :)

*lukisan hitam indicates dark gloomy day..kehkeh..(mmg hari hujan pn jumaat tu!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

hanya kerana sekeping ikan dlm plastik

Farah was giving away some 'jajan' from pangkor.
I was trying too hard to tear the package,as i couldnt use my teeth as the tools to tear off the plastic.My dad always said that my teeth is 'artificial teeth'..tiada kegunaan..haha.
Then i used my beloved orange shaker pencil to make a small hole so that i can expand it.suddenly..'crackkkk'..pensel itu telah patah :(
saye menjadi emosional hari ini kerana mechnical pencil orange yg dijaga selama 5 tahun telah patah begitu sahaja hanya kerana sebungkus kecil ikan satay..
im the type who will use my stuff forever,eventho dah kusam2..sebab saye suka dan selesa dgn barang2 saye..but most of my fav stuff seems like wanna leave me..

all these were my 'must-have-everyday' things.semua barang di atas telah tiada kecuali cincin itu

Luckily today fini bring 'setuperware' macaroni goreng for me..sedap n pedas,thanx fini!hehe..

im not in the mood to blog lately..still tired with last project(kot??).The story bout the 7 sekawan at bangi had been written by Shera and Thirah perfectly!
I was tagged by Thirah,but later ok dear..

Friday, February 22, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru...

This year alot of my friends going to change their status from single to married.
I always hope to attend their wedding,but most of the time i couldnt make it..sighhh..
So far,the only wedding ceremony that i had attended was Asni's.Tu pun dah terlewat sampai,semua member2 dah balik,tak dapat jmpa.Yang dah bertunang and nak bertunang pun ramai..

Congrates to all my dear Friends who had change their life status last this year - PoyoEx,Nisa,Mona Zarita. And to those who counting the days for the happy moment, sabar and jaga diri kamu baik2 ya. Nani,im really surprised to know who is ur future husband!!seriously!!

Shazwani and Meor Syazwan,it makes u such a sweet couple.really!sohabat9600,familiar tak dgn nama Meor syazwan?hehe..anak cikgu Meor Mohd Aiyub.anak cikgu meaor ini bakal berkahwin dgn my childhood-mate..rumah sebelah taman je.harap2 saya dapat pergi wedding kamu nani!nak jmpa cikgu meor skali..ntah die ingat atau tidak dgn saye..huhu..

one phrase that i still remember what cikgu Meor said -- "kalau nak kaya jangan jadi cikgu.."
tapi masa dah berubah kan..i want to tell cikgu Meor -- "cikgu, sekarang orng berlumba2 nak jadi cikgu sebab gaji cikgu dah naik!hehe..."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Test SPA itu..

Dengan beriyenye saya telah membeli buku yang bertajuk 'Malaysia Kita' untuk preparation exam SPA cost me RM37..(untuk org sperti saya yang perlu amat sangat berjimat,jumlah itu adalah sgt mahal untuk buku yg akan jarang digunakan..huhu)
Segala perlembagaan and sejarah Malaysia yg saya baca takde pun yang kelua dalam paper tu..sedihnye..

Letihnye ulang-alik JB-KL,weekend mcm sia2 cmtu je..duit pulak abis kat tambang je.tambang from pudu ke rumah pn dah dekat rm8.lagi murah tambang pontian-jb..huhu..

esok ade presentation,tak wat slide lagi..project JSP pun asyik error je.segan asyik tenye awin.dah byk awin bg contoh coding tapi saye still tak dapat2 lagi...

~~lala..poning den..

tak sabar nak tggu perjumpaan 7 sekawan..yess thirah,i cant wait for it :)

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