Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sampai syurga by Faizal Tahir

Saya suka dengan lirik lagu ni,lagi2 Faizal Tahir yang nyanyi.Watch the video clip,he's really awesome!mesti susah buat shooting kat dalam air.I dont know who's idea to create this video,but i know he must be super creative artistic man..i think this one of the best local singer's music video ever made..enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today,the topic will be "DECISION".
how can we know that we make the right decision?DECISION is something that i hate..especially when i have to decide it on myself.I doubt my brain works very fine on WISE decision when all this time i always make not wrong,but not-so-wise decisions.Its more pain in the ass when the decision have to be given in no time or has its due time..

When i came to KL 6 months ago,I have to decide whether to join the ACCP program or keep looking for a job.I decide to take the ACCP course (which i think one of my wise decision) as its hard to find a job that time.Alhamdulillah, finally i'm free from ACCP.But yes..decision keep bugging me..this time,which company would i go to continue my journey of life..

When i have make a decision to join a company not so far from KL,with no sign of public transports that i can rely on..(omg,i'll stuck forever in this kinda ghetto town),some others company in KL offers job to me with interesting remunerations..not so popular company,but well established for years..owhh!!so irresistible..but to work with them of course i will be shaped into some kind of work plus female chauvinist people..

so..i have to do some IF ELSE looping.some how when i form the WHILE, the looping seems can't even reach the dead end..huhu.Its not easy to get the chances,people say grab the chances coz the chances not always come to us easily.

Ok,finally,its decided..choose one.Let the other go.. (ye la,takkan nak tamak keje kat semua tmpat tu..haha..) Hopefully the way that i choose will give me bright future.Life is not all about money.That's truth..have to think about my responsibility,especially to God as His servant,family as a daughter,as a sister,as an auntie and as a wife and mother(in the future la..keskes..).keje bagai nak 'rak' pun tak guna jugak if tanggungjawab yg lain terabai..

Ya Allah,give me Your bless and the strength to face the days ahead. I hope this is the right path for me.Wanna know whether this is another my wise Decision or not?You have to wait at least a year to get the result..

Thats all for today,thank you for reading :)

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