Friday, July 24, 2009

Good ol' time

i went back to my hometown last saturday and just got back to kajang on wednesday.what a long rest..hehehe.didnt plan to go anywhere as i miss my home very i decided to rearrange the girl stuffs' in my room.that was when i accidentally found all these things.i've been keeping this for several years and yet still have it until now..and every single thing means a lot to me.just snap a few pictures,ada byk lagi in the boxes including the notes + plush toys + cards + good luck charm masa kat ssp..bak kata my mom " boleh la bukak museum kamu sendiri nanti.." huhu..~perempuan :P

hehe..if im not mistaken the second time fly ..kots?sape amek gmba nih?zuray?effa?cant recall..those time compact film camera x nmpak la ape yg ade kat belakang.nmpak ke pun..mmg gelap kat belakang umah pakcik..(aiseh i forgot the warden name)..err..

i quote effa - hana,aku kenal bag ni! (after near 12 years i still have the bag with me,masih elok..just the 'Puma' sign dh hilang sikit )

this mug, my mom bought me when i entered SSp.form 1..masih digunakan di rumah ku..

baiti gave this to me masa SPM.

music box and bear naik kereta tu from baiti,brooch case from mai,frame from effa and the paper weight made from batu sungai tu from kak Hana.handmade..masa form 3 dia bagi..sweetnyer dia ;)

birthday thingy ni pzah gave masa first year kat University, keychain Suzie bagi masa dia belajar kat MRSM Jasin and the Too Phat CD album cover effa bagi masa form 5 sebab dia salah print size CD case.masih wujud lagi saye simpan...note the title 'Just a fan by Stania' ...hohoho

another things kak Hana bagi masa PMR and farewell gift before dia klua SSP :) barang2 semasa join Gema Warisan Budaya UTM.rindu sgt2 nak menari..uwaa...fake eyelash tu sampai dh tertanggal..nk buang ke?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

what is this?

i dunno what is this..look like a bird but it has no wings..accidentally created when i was learning to use pen tool in photoshop.
sampai sekarang tak reti-reti lagi guna pen tool..*sigh*

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