Friday, April 6, 2007

After a 'short' silent ;p

Hello everybody..welcome me back to blog..ehehe..
Been really bz to finish my FYP or we call PSM here..exhausted and sick of doing it. But finally the presentation was done and i managed to make it nicely..Somehow i feel a bit 'rendah diri' coz my system is not as advanced as the other people..but alhamdulillah, i do it all by myself, i have nobody to turn to if i have any problem while i developed it, but somehow..far far away from me, there are some people who still care bout me.. your moral support really help me to finish it when i was nearly gave up..thanx alot..

after the presentation,that was in wednesday..i went to DSI to help out the koQ tarian students.its their evaluation day..saje je la nk tgk hasil 13 mggu derg blaja menari nih..after that mkn kat k9 with bdk2 GWBU.still didnt eat anything since the presentation.late in teh evevning back to room and i slept for 12 hours!God..hangus semua solat..:(

yesterday went to cs.watching 'jgn pandang belakang' with linda's frens.never went to town by bus.great experience!best..hehe..smata2 nk tgk movie,and duit pn xde,so after that terus balik kolej,abg reen yg jemput...naseb baik.penat gak la if nak naik bas ptg2 yg panas itu..hehe.

mama call last nite asking me to come back home..yup me too really miss home.but saturday tak btolkan lagi.''x bole,esok la (jumaat)'' .aduss..ade family gathering at my balik nak bersantai2..ade family gathering plak. im sort of.. arghh.. i hate when they said,nana tak abis lagi ke?rasanye mcm dah lama je?
plus all those small kids that definitely will come into my room and make a mess!sigh!

ok la,got to pack all the dirty laundry..will be back home about 1 o'clock.see ya then..:)

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