Monday, November 17, 2008

My Night Trip

who said traveling in the middle of the night is more relaxing?it is not, especially when you are driving.Owh, i used to think that way ~x panas, not so many cars, bole tido,then tup tup buka mata dah sampai destinasi..
Guess not anymore..Here the story begin..;)

since I moved to kajang, my big bro always gimme a ride to go back home at Pontian.but of course with the price i have to pay by being a dedicate driver n co driver.and it has been always a midnight trip. A dedicated co driver means i have to stay awake while he is driving and catch him when he started to drive out of the road alignment.yup, he hardly asked me to take my turn unless i opened my mouth to offer. Meanwhile, a dedicated driver means i have to keep the speed at 120 km/h (or lower ) and wide awake driving alone after him while he is sleeping!! and before he fall asleep the reminder will be "ana jgn bawak laju2 sgt..zZZ"
what the..??he drove at 160 all tadi!! sigh...
but never mind, i love it when he’s sleeping.heh..
i went back home with him last weekend. It was almost 4am when i took my turn at muar.night trip no longer fun for me.dulu muda2 selalu la nk bawak laju2, cucuk2 kereta org depan..haha.silly! im not saying im getting old.Should i say gettimg mature?haha..bukan sebab saye bekerja di Miros ya..:p
The road was kinda slippery, the heavy trucks, the the the xenon high beam head lamps..(i hate those cars very much!buat sakit mata jer)..hell yeah, i must be extra careful while driving with those fatalities. The night was cold. The moon beam was bright, i could see the trees on the field dancing free from distance. Quite a beautiful night I must say..lalala,my mind went to the time when I was small. I was such a penakut lil girl..will hide my face under a pillow at the back seat of the car when we’re leaving grandma house at night..

Arghh,again the xenon lamps from behind harrier hit my eyes.huh..i lost track in which realm I was just now..haha. 5 minutes later,I saw a big trailer in front of me trying to take the right lane. Gimme me a speaker, Hello..cant u see im speeding at this right lane!!Ok,no choice..let it go first.
Owh there was an accident at the left.O my god, the trailer was so slow that made me saw 2 people bleeding lay on the road. I just saw only a kancil crashed badly.where’s the other vehicle? couldn't find any.i guessed the accident just happened as there were no police or paramedics.only some volunteers guide the other drivers with torchlight.

Tak pernah nmpak mayat org accident depan mata..:( Ok hana,jgn berangan lagi ..
~ badan ku tegak memandu sampai rumah selepas melihat kejadian itu.Damn, I was drop dead tired!!masih terbayang kejadian itu..

so, with the 10% discount of the PLUS toll charge, i guess my bro would be one of the grateful malaysians. all nocturnal indeed. lets hope the reduction of 10% toll charge will not make increment in road accidents statistic.


  1. update ke!! laaaaaaaaaa

    abg ko bg ko drive?

    sgt susah kot laki nak bg pompuan drive..must be dia sgt2 ngantuks!

    drive safely babes

  2. sher, i am a super Good driver ok.try me..heh


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