Sunday, August 2, 2009

Anti-ISA Street demo

.saturday.August 1st 2009.

that wasn't the first time i was at the scene.the third time if my memory still at its good condition.its not that i wanted to be at the place.there were coincidence.when people should be worried,i feel some kind of excitement.i don't know why..

but this time i just saw people outside the sogo running here and there.tu pun dari celah2 pintu.before its began, i tried to get out of the building (konon nak duduk kat secret receipe luar tu sambil mkn chicken cordon bleu and watch the demo.note : my thought-secret receipe nk tutup ke pun sbb hal2 mcm ni??).never knew it could be worst than i imagined.I quote news at TV3 yesterday night - 'Kuala Lumpur lumpuh'

luckily my intention was denied by the security man as all the doors were closed!!
even with the door closed,the teargas still found the way to enter the sogo building,causing the people inside there to wear mask.Sakit ok!!i bet the Guardian enjoyed the sales of the masks yesterday.mcm pisang goreng panas (people Q to buy them at the counter).imagine those people outside the building yang kene water canon and the teargas directly..poor them esp the innocent one(the peniaga pasar malam)

i love to take spot pictures.these pictures were snapped with my 2mp phone camera.And again, i speak to myself..get yourself a fine digi cam,Hana (if not SLR). ~~sigh!

"Ninja- in-training"

kosong..all that left were some of the promoters yg kena jaga counter.kesian..terpaksa la jaga jugak kan.ngehehe..i bought something from the Estee lauder sbb xde promoter yg jaga,sempat la test lipstick baru Christian Dior..lalala.. best v(^_^)

the only exit after the situation under controlled was at the lower ground.most of them were heading to STAR LRT..but 'dush dush' was closed.demit menyusahkan org nk balik kajang jer!!

the helicopter above adding the cemas sound effect

trucks that carried the detained people.

most of them wearing red. i feel sorry for i wave hand and smile to them as a sign-its ok(baik x?) but its not that im one of the anti-ISA..

and the consequences..all the shops along jln TAR were closed,so the plan to buy some stuffs there were canceled(grrr.....).the STAR LRT at Bandaraya and Masjid Jamek station were closed,causing us(me and rumies) to menapak jauh to take Komuter at Bank Negara.and yeah the komuter station was like sardine station yang byk ikan sardine to be stuffed in a tin(komuter).huhu.....

all in all..alhamdulillah we managed to gt back to Kajang safely :) thanx to those who worried about me.its dangerous and but enjoyed the moment tho..


  1. best la ek.. mcm2 experience :)

  2. mizzy >> a best..

    ct-chan >>alaa..jgn la wat muka sedey.kalau ajak pon mesti ayie tak bagi,risaukan kamu ;)

  3. best giler laporan ko... kalah karam singh walia.. hehe...

  4. zughai >>kirenye aku berbakat la neh?wahaha..


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