Monday, November 23, 2009

In blues..

what a bad day today..i've got a mixed feeling.Keri is busy again when i need him..sighhh..

By the way,I'm going back to my home town tomorrow by's been a long time..i'll be one of the sardine in Komuter tomorrow..what a hassle just to get to Puduraya...

anyway, just wanna jot down several things as a reminder for me..

1- Book the bridal
2- Go for HIV test.. talesemia nak kene jugak ke?
3- Survey for hantaran decoration
5- Book homestay / hotel
6- Make wedding tentative
7- Book Kompang team
8- Apply all the borang for nikah

i almost complete the hantaran stuffs for me and for him.yatta!

plan nak design sendiri invitation card..but seems more costly..need to think again..


  1. if nak minta tolong ape2...tell me je tau..

  2. "plan nak design sendiri invitation card..but seems more COSTLY..need to think again.."

    - ape kate mintak tolong kat bahie bab tue ??? hehehe... ;p

  3. adi > mintak bahie tolong sponsor ke?hehehe..amacam bahie? :p


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