Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Menghitung Hari

Another 10 lucky days my status will be changed :) As for now, the nervous level is at 25% only.
Invitation cards matter almost done.For those whom i sent through mail,hopefully dah terima la yep.
The half-done invitation cards

There are several things that i need to do before going back to Pontian,which is on February 7th.Dah tak boleh focus buat keje dah ni..huhu..
1-Order cake.
2-Pick up door gifts.
3-Buy cake stand (finally jumpa,but without the dome. kat Romantika out of stock)
4-Pick up dulang hantaran. (Nurul, i hope u'll make it great to meet my requirement ;)
5-Go to spa - body massage, hand & nail treatment, facial
6-Meet my dear darlings..hehe (i wonder what kind of stripper you will bring.haha..)

Thats all for now.


  1. banyaknya benda yg nk kena buat... patutnya kena pakai wedding planner nie... neway, congrates... ;)

  2. Ady > wedding planner sgt mahal.huhu..masih bole buat sendiri dgn pertolongan family :)


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