Sunday, April 4, 2010

How i missed him so much..

Its been a month since my wedding day.
No updates about it since i haven't got any pictures from the photographer.
Will update as soon as i get the album :)
Long distance marriage is quite challeging for me
God knows how i've been missing him..

pre-honeymoon :)

gazing at the star


  1. skrg memang smua suka kawen, then dok asing2 ek... dah jdi cm trend plak....

  2. ady : its not a trend, its a paksa rela.huhu~

  3. still got time counting the stars, meh???(*-*)

  4. ct : i love gazing at the star :)

  5. Hana dear, be strong and what matters is the love and commitment you have for each other. nothing else matters! one fine day, when you get to stay together, you both will cherish each moment together because you know how painful it is to be so far apart. appreciate that coz not many couples have that kind of 'blessing'. cheer up dear, mwahss !


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