Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recycle and Reward

Just checked my recycle and rewards account.

Here the summary :
I recycle once in two months.
Each time i will dumped average of 20 kilos trashes.
It makes bout 10 kilos per month.
Those were from me + my 2 other housemates. Maybe the number will be slightly decreasing once i move out from here. Yes, im moving out to start the real marriage life..woohooo!!
Lina and siti, im gonna miss your sampah contribution..huk huk :P

Come on people, lets recycle and get some rewards ^__^
Save our mother nature.
Do not know how to register? contact me ..i'll show you how :)
(this is unpaid advertisement)


  1. kt gemas ni ade tmpt ke nk contribute sampah2 itu?? heheh klu ade nk gak buat..

  2. skang kat klang valley je zughai,nanti kalo depa dh extend service ke gemas aku bitau..hehe

  3. mcm menarik...emel me sayang: :)

  4. wow..besnye kitar alam skitar... suke2 keje camni..:)


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