Thursday, December 27, 2012

Budak Korea yang comel

Nak baby girl camni please..comel and bijak..mcm drama queen..haha..

I'm Sorry Mama

Nayeon: Mommy, I'm sorry.
Mom: Tell me what you did wrong?
Nayeon: Oh mommy the next meal I'll be obedient.
Mom: What then?
Nayeon: And I will eat docilely. I... will not run... will stand for you to feed me up.
Mom: What then?
Nayeon: And I will eat on time.
Mom: Okay, do you promise me?
Nayeon: Yes...
Mom: What if you don't keep your promise?
Nayeon: Oh...oh.. If I don't keep my promise, I'll be punished.
Mom: I won't punished you, but I won't feed you up at late session.
Nayeon: yes...
Mom: You mustn't do that when I talk to you, look at me. Okay, so if you don't eat on time and want to eat at late session I won't feed you up.
Nayeon: Yes... I... I...will be a good girl.

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