Thursday, February 1, 2007

Goin to KL : Spectrum U

Esok nak bertolak g KL..x packing lagi..malas
Baju tarian yg besar tu pn tak alter lagi...
Cuak,buat psm dulu..mcm xde progress..:(
Gather at 4pm, gerak around 4.30pm
will be back on saturday after shooting.

nak naik JESse,tggal dpn DSI..risau kene curik
tapi slalu smpai blk utm mlm..nanti xde transport plak nk blk kolej
ramai team tu kolej belah K9,K10,KP.
aku jer pmpuan dok k12

Nak tak nak have to deal with the private prebet
Act its only if i have to,then i'll pay for that prebet..dnt really like it
nanti org yg xtau ingat i hangout with sumbody else..unless they see me pay the driver..
its only the dh deal,so tomorrow and after i come back here the next day he'll pick me up
its the cheapest anyway..huhu.

by the way,the orchestra n tarian team of UTM goin to have a recording for spectrum U.
Recording kat FINAS,tapi stay kat UKM..apekah? Last year dpt stay kat rumah tamu UTMKL.
Best gile,mcm dok hotel 3 bintang..huhu..
tapi sepnjg pengalaman stay @UKM, comment la..

ok la..nk pack stuffs for tomorrow..

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