Monday, February 5, 2007


im back :)

the trip back to utm was really horrible.
sumthing wrong with the bus..and we stucked in the tight air.
smell sumthing like gas or sumthing burning all the way back,hard to breath
nama je bas baru..tapi begitu plak the driver have to stop several times to make sure we could arrived safely.
pening,nk muntah,sesak nafas.......dah la penat,nk tdo pn xbole :(

tired coz woke up early in the morning,which is sumthing i hardly do lately ;p
and have to perfomed again n again until the director was satisfied."cut!"
morning till evening..i wonder if i am an actress..fuhh,letihnye!haha(berangan!)

i hate to have any doublespeak argument with him.YUP,im reaLLy2 tired.Sori ok.
wutever it is, "k" is the only ur best do i.

and now,im tired buat psm..nk tdo zZZZZ.

owh,forgot...poyoEx,thanx for the McD..hehehe...

1 comment:

  1. Mmm...k :p
    nak cakap ape lagi kan? OK lah.
    (OK kan?)


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