Wednesday, June 25, 2008

8 random facts about me:Tagged by Thirah

(hasil keje ketika bosan..bole guna untuk desktop wallpaper)

here it comes..8 random facts about Nurulhana..haha
  • i dont take tomato/chili ketchup with burger,pizza,nasi goreng,mee or wutever food
    i'll take it only with potatoes fries,fried chicken n jemput-jemput
  • im a sensitive person yet a 'lil bit garang..haha
  • can i be considered as artistic?coz i love to be considered as one..hihih
  • i love kids and cats which is i hate 'em once upon a long long time ago
  • i think i should change my dressing style at this age but i dont know how
    i quote awin 'nana,bila ko nak berubah jadi feminin sikit..pakai handbag,hi-heel,makeup sikit..'
    -tak cukup feminin kah saya ini??huhu
  • im still crazee with soft toys and all those cute2 fancy well as watching those animation movies
  • i have the assemble of my parents equally
  • don't look at me twice or i'll start to think something must be wrong with me..(im not an alien,idiot!!)

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