Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today is Sunday.Yesterday was Saturday.Yeah,everyone knows that.

Like any other weekend,I will mumble to my self while looking out of the window,when will this end.The boredom that i face every weekend is really killing me and lately im easily cry,that makes me like a leaking pipe.Sometimes i wish there will be no weekend for me.

I planned to go to the office yesterday,but stuck in the house because it was raining heavily with the thunder.just doing some house chores and sleep all the day.Today,im here in the office.Surfing is the only thing i got as an entertainment.pathetic..

i wish:
1-khairi would be here to look after me
2-i have a car so that i can go to my bro's house or meet my friends when i feel lonely
3-i could be strong to not rely on somebody else
4-can stop mumbling at the weekend forever
5-or better off - out of this world



  1. hai hana, if i can buy weekend i'll buy urs..=) cheer up girl!”

  2. hana..

    aku rs pernah n still rs sometimes..xbesh kn?
    kdg2 tdo pn bosan..
    mmg nanges je keje..

    ni middle age crisis kot? sape lg pernah rs, angkat tgn!

    nway, cheer up! lalui je ari tu..
    papepon, it'll end, ingt tu!


  3. cipah >> ye cipah,tapi aku rasa ni bukan middle age crisis,i think thats sound too old for me..haha.
    what to do..mmg harus la melalui hari2 itu..i hope u're right,it'll end.

  4. hana chan
    tdo pon besh ape!
    cheer up girl!

  5. ct >> tdo x best!nanti gemot tau!!!nak kawen kene jaga badan..hahaha.nanti duit melayang kene pegi slimworld plak :p

  6. hana..ko tgl mane?
    jom bersukan over the wkd..
    squash, or driving range??

  7. ahaaaa..anem ajak bersukan...takot x??

  8. anem >> bersukan ko tu bior di tahap kemampuan aku yer..hahaha..aku ske yg free cam jogging or paling murah pun men futsal..jom jom!!!

    sher >> kalau berani jom join :p

  9. Hi Hana. Sian jer weekend2 boring. Me too.

    Jomlah lepak, where do u stay? Bole la aku dtg amik ke?

  10. hida >> jom la lepaakk!!aku tggal di kajang tapi,mcm jauh je ko nk fetch aku..huhu.

  11. Huhu... jauh jugala tp yup tringin nak lepak gan kau.

    Maybe kita bole plan to meet up somewhere in the middle.

  12. honey,stop mumbling like u have no faith in god...

    honey ur flabby...pls watch ur weight...

  13. pari2syurga >> omg!flabby really??i guess futsal doesnt help me much bout it.yup..i'll try to make sure there's no entry like this next time..hehe ;)


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