Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kuih Raya oh Kuih Raya

Omg,my bad!..most of people who sell raya cookies have closed their offers. And most of the cookies i ordered will be send to me in next week.Im going home tomorrow!! and i need them today :(
and why i need them today, because im not going back home on Hari Raya :(

All this while,buying cookies for raya is not a tradition in my family as mama will make them (with me,her best assistant). Since i was small, there will be only lines of tins and tupperwares stuffed with home made cookies.As time pass, i'm no longer stay with her. She stops making cookies for raya. And the only kuih she will produce is her special Kuih Bangkit with limau purut/brown sugar flavour. which is most of the times the bangkit is not even there for us (sold out).And that is the time we, the children have to hunt for something good to bring back home. Sometimes i just miss her 'air tangan' in raya cookies.

Giveaway sample

By the way, there are Salleh Food and Azhar Food back in my hometown. Two big names for selling bundles of kerepek and raya cookies. I hope there will be some more left for me.Got to go there asap.tomorrow.


  1. kit...kit...kit...kuih bangkit...siape yang (eeeiii..aku lupe word ape kat sini - hahaha), die kene cubit...hehe

  2. nmpk cm sedap je...xpnh jmpe.nk bleh?

  3. ada lagi ke, ke dh tinggal habuk..


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