Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Hubby

On May 2nd 2012, rain was pouring down heavily and it made Kajang town almost sink for the 2nd time (since i was here from 2009)..and that day was my beloved soulmate birthday..

Balik kerja pun dah i decided to take him out for dinner. We went to D'One Steak at BB Bangi. Some of my friends give not so good comments bout this place, but for me : OK laa..not that bad, except for sauce chicken cordon bleu dia- tak sedap...

There my good boy smiling while having his mixed grilled :) 

Hadiah hold dulu sebab belum jumpa lagi barang yang dia nak. Actually dia just cakap "tak nak apa2. I nak you happy jer " hehe..sweet jugak Keri neh ;)

I insist to buy him something then he said  "new cargo pants,OK?"~ok je sayang ^__^

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