Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 1st Re-ment

Finally! i manage to get two re-ment set ^_^ A complete set of re-ment can cost up to RM200, luckily i found a seller who sells loose pack of each set :)

this is set no. 3 from Mini Sweets Set. RM22. Complete set is about RM180. I plan to get the set no 2 and 8 in my next list.hehehe...
This is set no 6 from Fun Meals Set. RM 26 .Complete set is about RM200 ~ the price is too high for my spending on toys (-_-)'

these are the items in set set no 3 Mini Sweets. I forgot to snap the Fun Meals pack..will definitely use this with Danbo-chan photo shoot later :)
this pic taken from
I bought it through online shop.I'll be going to Jusco 1 utama this weekend and see if there's got any re-ment there..plis plis,with cheaper price ;)

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